~Seed Bomb Instructions~
by Plantables & Paper

Earth Day Collection by D & P Celebrations  Seed Bombs by Plantables & Paper

For those of you who celebrated Earth Day 2013 at
Creek Side Gardens with us.

Here are directions on how to activate and grow your seed bombs from Plantables & Paper.
Please be sure to stop by there shop and see what other amazing products they carry!

Seeds may include but are not limited to:
White Yarrow, Purple coneflower, Shirley Poppy, foxglove, Red prairie coneflower, maltese crosee, Catchfly, Snapdragon, and sweet alyssum

Planting instructions:
For best results: Find a sunny area. If planting outside- the best time to plant is during the early spring or fall. Gently rake the area to loosen the soil. They can also be planted in a pot indoors. Place the seed ball on soil and push down so seed ball is half sunk in the soil. This will provide a good area for roots establish in soil. Water area to keep soil completely moistened during germination (approximately the first 3-7 days) , then water as needed.

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