Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weddings, Weather & Work

So much going on these days, lucky for me I don't have kids in school to add to the madness! 

I started working last month, just part time, but I love it! My office is on the beach, but I don't have a view of the ocean 😞.  Oh well!! 

The wedding is getting really close as well, only 35 more days and my baby girl will be getting married!!!!  We are getting to some of the little tasks that need to be taken care of, like the cake topper and ties for the men.  I can't believe it is coming together so fast.

We are also dealing with a lot of weather here in the Sunshine state.  Crazy rain storms and lightning have been driving my dogs nuts and scaring me a bit too. I enjoy the rain more than the heat, but the thunder always gets to me.

I have been working on this cross stitch for the bride over the last week. Once I get it finished I can add their names and wedding date, it will be so cute.

I sure hope that I can start a better blogging routine now but if nothing else, I am going to blog Fete in just over a week. It shoud help to get the mojo flowing again as well as a game plan.


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