Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 Minute Craft ~ June

This great post from Melissa Newell would be a great activity to do with your little ones for a Father's Day card!!!!  Don't forget Dad this weekend.

 Have a great week! 

I am back today with a fun Ten Minute Craft that the children will really enjoy!
This craft was inspired by a book that my daughter received as a gift for her birthday. It was all about Thumbprint Doodles.
I took it a step further and made some whimsy Thumbprint Cards to send out to some people that I admire. (Yes I am one of those people who still has a love affair with paper and sending snail mail)
It was easy and honestly took less than ten minutes for one…so I did three just to use up the entire ten minutes.
All you need – cardstock, marker and some ink pads.

TIP: Be sure to use a different finger for each different color ink you are using not to contaminate your ink pads.
The possibilities are endless with what you can create. Ask the children to get involved and make some cute Easter Thumbprint Cards – eggs, chicks, rabbits and more….HAVE FUN!

Until Next Time – Party On Friends

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