Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Valentine Favors {Guest Post}

Today we have a quick post from one of our Design Team ladies, Melissa Newell, for Valentine's Day!

I am all about less sugar and candy and more about relationships and people this year for my parties! 
This is a great idea that most can do at home.  Using a toilet paper roll, some wrapping paper, twine and paper & pen.   

Create a love letter to each person in the family...roll it up and stick it inside the tube. Then use the wrapping paper or even the funny pages from the newspaper cover and tie ends.  Make one per family member or whomever you are giving it to. 

Now you can put it anywhere in the house, dresser, lunch box etc... maybe even add a chocolate Kiss on Valentine's Day.  

Just something little, cute and quick...great for kids to do for their friends.  Better than store bought valentines!  Budget friendly - cost zero! 


Thank you Melissa for such a cute Valentine project that anyone can do!

Dawn Rumin cofounder of

1 comment:

Melissa Newell said...

The children love to receive them. I hide them in the house with some chocolate kisses and a love note to them. Something fun and from the heart!

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