Monday, January 13, 2014

Intro to Blog Sisters

Last year Dawn and her family decided they needed a change and decided to put their house on the market and move from our home state of Colorado to Florida. Did you hear me....FLORIDA! Do you know how many miles away from Colorado (and me) that is? A LOT!! Not knowing how long it would take for their house to sell or when they would be leaving, Dawn and I slowly started preparing for the D & the P to be in different states. Luckily with the technology we have it won't be too difficult to stay in touch. We decided back in the beginning of December that when we came back from our holiday break mid January (today) that we would start a new blog series called Blog Sisters, which may in the future turn into Vlog Sisters. On Mondays we will write a blog post to each other that you our readers can follow along with us. Two Mom's, who happen to be best friends and business partners dealing with the many miles that will separate us.

So last night, the last day of our vacation I got a text from Dawn letting me know that their house is officially under contract and we only have a month left before she is gone. ****tearing up now**** It is extremely difficult to be both excited for your best friend and the journey she is about to encounter on, as well as be heart broken knowing the time we have together is short and the visits we do have will be few and far between. Life is definitely a crazy ride. So without further is my first "Blog Sisters" letter to Dawn.

Intro to the blog sisters

Happy Monday Dawn!

So you are moving... you suck! Just know I love you! I am extremely happy for you, because I know if I were in your shoes I would be dying with anticipation of a new adventure. I can't wait to receive photos of the place you will be living, the shops you find cool things in and videos of yourself on the beach. I truly am excited to see where this journey takes you. I will however REALLY miss our weekly inspiration shopping trips, meetings at Starbucks and Target, being able to just get away and walk the mall and most of all seeing your pretty face in person. I adore you girl!!! You are the first friend I have had that stuck by my side through thick and thin, and I mean the ugly nasty gross "I love the taste of skinny" thin. You have cheered me on and listened to me vent more then a billion times. Did I mention I adore you truly are my sister, the one I never had growing up. The "Sunshine State" is going to be a whole lot brighter with you there. I love you! ***great now I am ugly crying***

Moving on to business...(taking a big gulp of my mocha frapp and grabbing tissue)

Hey our magazine, Polka Dot Balloon will be launching it's Valentine Mini issue this week! Super excited about that, we have the best team of ladies on the planet!

On Wednesday our shop with officially be OPEN after our holiday break and will now be carrying all of the boxes from Pamela Smerker Designs. It's gonna be a fun year!!

ALSO our amazing Design Team will be helping us out twice a month with a design challenge starting in February. I can't wait for that and I can't wait to do the challenge myself. You know me...I crave a good creative challenge!!

What else...oh yeah, recipes and more color inspiration posts to come this year. LOVE me some inspiration!!

Have a great week Dawn! I am looking forward to reading your Blog Sisters post next Monday! Hugs!!

Pamela Smerker, Co Founder of D & P Celebrations LLC. Editor in Chief of Polka Dot Balloon Magazine


Melissa Newell said...

Well that just made me cry and I already have a head cold 8( lol seriously, I love the new series and I will love taking the journey with you both. You are "friends" even if only thru the computer 8)

Looking forward to the challenges and the new Mini Issue of Polka Dot Balloon Mag!


psmerker said...

Thanks Melissa!! Glad you will be joining us on our crazy ride!!

Cindy K said...

My husband is horrible to buy for. I just ordered the 24 Things cards and can not wait to get started on them for Valentines Day. Thank you for the idea.

psmerker said...

Thank you, Cindy for shopping our sister store Pamela Smerker Designs. My husband loved his set that I gave him for Christmas, I am sure your hubby will love his too! ~Pam

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