Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog Sisters Week 3

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Happy Monday Dawn!

I loved your "Color Party" post last Friday! It really got me inspired to make some Valentine goodies!!

Love Birds party squares by

Here are some items I grabbed at Target as well as the "Love Birds" set of party squares from our shop that I will be using for our design challenge (on our blog here Feb 5th). Can't wait to see what our amazing team creates with those squares!!

This week I will be featuring some of the images from our Polka Dot Balloon team. BOY those girls know how to throw a party!! I will also be sharing some FREE Valentine tags for our readers. I need to get myself in the kitchen though to make the goodies that those tags will adorn.

I am so glad you are liking the book "The Fault In Our Stars" that I got for you. I seriously love the humor in this book, even the tears that flow while reading it. Can't wait to talk more about it with you when you are done! I have created a "Inspired By Color" board inspired by the book cover that I am sharing on my personal blog today, check it out. I will definitely be making a "Color Party" board for our blog here in the near future with ideas for a
The Fault In Our Stars" movie premiere party!!

Looking forward to getting together this week.

Hugs, Pam

Pamela Smerker, Co Founder of D & P Celebrations LLC. Editor in Chief of Polka Dot Balloon Magazine

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