Monday, October 28, 2013

Boo Buckets

So I have a thing for gift baskets, buckets, bags, you name it.  It's all about the presentation for me.  The more personal touches, the better!

I swooned when I discovered BOO buckets last year!  These fun Halloween inspired buckets were originally meant for secretly dropping off at a neighbor's house, ringing the doorbell, and scurrying away, only to see the expressions on their faces when they saw all the fun and festive goodies inside!  Sadly, I admit, I haven't used them this way.  I've chosen to simply give them to friends, teachers & family.  The great thing?!? You can give them however you please!


Here's how you can re-create your own BOO Bucket!

Supplies needed:

Plastic pails (I like orange, black, green or purple) - I bought the larger pail ($1.49) from Michaels, the smaller from Party City ($.99).

Paper Masks (These are designed to go around pumpkins) - I bought a package of the Martha Stewart brand (70% off at Michaels)

Glitter Spray (The type I used was for hair)

Google Eyes (Bigger eyes for the large pail, smaller for the small pail)


Paper Crinkle

Glue Gun

Fall/Halloween Goodies - Hand soaps, cupcake picks, sprinkles, candy, chocolate, cookie cutters, scented candles, etc....

D & P Celebrations "Boo to You" tags

BooBuckets 1

Assembling your bucket

Start by spraying your paper masks with the glitter spray.  Once it dries, place the mask around the top of the bucket and tie.  The masks can be used later by the recipient!  Then hot glue the google eyes underneath the eye holes, onto the pail.  Cut some varying lengths of ribbon and tie onto the side of the mask.  Attach the tag underneath the ribbon.  Place some paper crinkle in the bottom of the pail and top with your goodies.  It's that easy!


Who can you BOO this Halloween??

Christy Gutherman Designer for D & P Celebrations

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