Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Professor Party for Boys and Girls

What little boy or even girl would not get a kick out of a fun "science" party?  We have created, an awesome Little Professor party printable set!

Little Professor  by kiddos had such a good time with all the "experiments" and of course, the goodies!!!  We could not resist putting them in cute little bow ties and white shirts, just like a real professor.

Beakers, beakers everywhere to go along with our theme and some cute beaker bubbles we found.  There were beaker cookies and some on the cake, along with some green slime on the cake and wall.  Ewwww!!!  We found some fun jars to display the candies in and then used our tags on them along with some bottle wrappers.

Little Professor by

So, if you are on the lookout for something new and fun for your little guy or girl, check out our Little Professor collection found in our Etsy Shop

In case you missed it, this party was featured in Carousel Magazine

Photography by Sarah Hendsbee of Sarah and Brad Photography

Confections by Astonishing Cakes. You can purchase the cake toppers over at Astonishing Cakes Etsy shop 

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