Tuesday, July 9, 2013

London Baby Shower Menu {Recipes}

Yesterday I shared our London Baby Boy shower with the traditional Union Jack color scheme. Tomorrow I am excited to be sharing the girl version all in pink!

For  both of our "tea party showers"  a simple menu made for easy preparation.

Tea Time by www.dandpcelebrations.com

Gluten Free Cucumber Sandwiches

     1 english cucumber thinly sliced, I used my Cuisinart to make them roughly the same thickness

     1 block of cream cheese, room temp

     Dill seasoning

This is super simple for those who enjoy the tea party treats but can't tolerate the gluten.  I put some softened cream cheese on one side of a cucumber slice, sprinkled on some dill seasoning and topped with the other slice of cucumber.

Tea Time by www.dandpcelebrations.com

Gluten Free Scones

     I had to cheat and use a mix for this treat, and boy am I glad that I picked the Gluten Free Pantry mix for the scones!  If you check out their website they have a ton of gluten free recipes using all of their mixes.

Clotted Cream (my version)

     8oz Heavy cream


Put cold heavy cream in the mixer bowl with a wire whisk attachment and mix on high until it starts to look really thick. (it will start to look like it is turning to butter) once you hit that stage, it is done.

I won't claim this is the actual clotted cream recipe, but I love it with my scones!!!!

Pile on a few fresh strawberries and what a delicious treat!

Tea Time by www.dandpcelebrations.com

Give one, two or all three of these a try at your next event or at a lovely tea for two get together.

Dawn Rumin Cofounder of D & P Celebrations

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