Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fairy Garden Party

Last year for Dawn's birthday I surprised her with a Fairy Garden party. I invited Dawn and her girls to come over for an "end of the summer" party, when really it was all about Dawn! Sneaky...OH yes I am!

Fairy Garden Party Table by

Dawn had mentioned that she would like to plant a miniature garden that she could decorate. So I went to my local garden center, Creekside Gardens where they have a nice "Fairy Garden" section full of small plants and miniature items perfect for the party. Everyone received a pot (bonus, since it was the end of the gardening season pots and planters are all marked down) filled with soil which Creekside provided. We had fun building our little gardens and decorating them with pretty white stones and other tiny items like clay Gnomes (these were the items in the favor bags).

Mini Fairy Gardens by

Instead of a birthday cake I made something I knew Dawn would like, my mini pumpkin donuts with chocolate ganache and whipped cream. I stacked up three donuts topped them, then adorned them with some cupcake picks I designed. These lasted all of about 4.8 seconds.

Fairy Pumpkin Donuts by

This was a great birthday party theme, but it could also work as a party by itself. Get your gardening friends together or even a group of kids and plant away!

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