Monday, July 22, 2013

Erin and Brett's Baby Shower

I have known Brett & Erin for awhile now, we hit it off immediately and have been great friends since! As soon as I was asked to help co-host a baby shower, I knew I wanted to make it something special for this couple!
For my inspiration, I used the nursery as a guide, since it was very classy and really seemed to fit them! So, Erin had sent me a photo of the nursery and I based the invitation off of that and the colors in the room. At the time, I was not aware that she was including firetrucks/fireman or red into the room, but it all worked out great in the end! We actually used the decorative firetruck and hydrant from the nursery on the dessert table, which complimented the decor!

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I am in love with the embroidered blanket on the side of the crib with the big letter "L", so I knew we had to incorporate that in the invitation and party! So we also had to use that for the cake inspiration and our wonderful "Cake Lady" Renee from Astonishing Cakes came up with this gorgeous cake for the party! Everyone was blown away by how we brought everything together with the invitation, decorations and even the cake!

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For the decorations, I made a banner with the baby's name "Logan" and we hung those with some blue and white twine and some brown clothespins inside the white frame. It really turned out great hanging the letters on the wire of the frame!!! D & P Celebrations made the fabulous boxes that the squares were attached to, and inside those boxes were baggies with popcorn and blue & white mint candies as favors for everyone!

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Since Erin had a shower with all of her family in CA already, she was not very interested in the normal baby shower games with our neighborhood crew and her work friends. So, Beth (the co-host) came up with an original baby shower obstacle course for the men to participate in! We had a great time watching all the guys try to wash, lotion, change, swaddle and play with a balloon full of water! Another activity I put out was for funny diapers for the new parents, people took sharpies and wrote on the front (and a lot on the back) something to make them laugh during those middle of the night diaper changes. Some of them had "front" written on the back side....too funny! The last activity was an advice card for people to fill out that I am making into a book with D & P Celebrations cookbook in kraft and white! It turned out adorable and I know they will treasure it for years to come.

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The dessert table was full of all kinds of goodies including the cake! We had some fruit pizza cookies, marshmallow pops dipped in white chocolate, rice krispie treats that were drizzled with white chocolate and blue sugar, some blue and white candy sticks and of course, for the non-pregnant adults, a blueberry beer-rita! For the kiddos and the pregnant lady, we had some capri suns and blueberry lemonade, yum! Beth made some wonderful pulled pork for tacos and then we had chips, salsa, guacamole and some 7 layer dip! Funny story, the invitation was for a BabyQ, but when it got closer to the party, we had to change gears and do more of a fiesta menu instead of a bbq. I am so glad I have such awesome neighbors who are more than happy to help out and change plans last minute!!!!

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We set up a special table for guest to put the gifts that brought for Erin and Brett.The centerpiece of this table was a frame print with a special note from the expecting couple, favor boxes and fun vintage toys.

Here's wishing Erin and Brett all the best with the delivery of their sweet baby boy!

Dawn Rumin Cofounder of D & P Celebrations

In case you missed it, we have a CHALLENGE in progress. Check out our HOW WILL YOU USE IT? fun challenge!! (free printable included)

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Renee said...

The games sound like a blast! Great ideas!! p.s. I absolutely LOVE the little wooden clips.

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