Monday, July 15, 2013

Ender Love Birthday Party

My daughter, Aly  is in love with the creative online game, Minecraft. Her favorite character is the Enderman, so this years party had to be a CUTE girlie version of Enderman using Aly's favorite colors. I created my own version of Enderman and added lots of hearts, which led us to our theme "Ender Love".

I created a poster image that I took to Staples and had them print and attach to foam board for the center piece. Aly and I created lots of paper chains to decorate the room using our heart patterned paper chain printables.

Ender Love Birthday Party by

We invited three of Aly's friends, all of them love Minecraft as well and went crazy over the decorations and crafts.

Ender Love Birthday Party Crafts by

We created t-shirts using plain white t-shirts and fabric markers. I threw those in the dryer to set the ink while the kids did the rest of their activities.

Using wooden clothespins and pieces of black felt and magnet strips, the kids made Enderman magnets. Simply color (you could paint) the clothespin black, add mini glue dots to the sides of the clothespin and attach strips of black felt for the arms. Attach self adhesive magnet strip to back.

Model Magic is always fun and the kids loved making  their own Enderman and Enderdragon figures.

I found free printable coloring sheets at Minecraft Games Coloring Pages. Each guest received a blue plastic sandwich box that I found at Michaels for .50 cents and filled with their own mini box of crayons. We placed a decorative label on the box to coordinate with the rest of the party favors.

Using felt and fabric glue, the kids decorated "Granat" pillows that I bought at Ikea.

Time for CAKE....or should I say EnderPOPs and Cupcakes!

Ender Love Birthday Party Cakepops by Astonishing Cakes for

Ender Love Birthday Party

Our three guests are gluten intolerant so we asked Renee of Astonishing Cakes to create gluten free cakepops and cupcakes for us. Renee suggested I make little printable bodies that I could attach to the cake pop stick, just under the head and we LOVE how they turned out!

Aly requested chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting that she could decorate herself with molded chocolates.

As for the favors, the kids had a LOT of goodies to take home. Not only did they have all of the crafts we did, but we put together some decorated lunch time gable boxes and water bottles.

Ender Love Birthday Party by

The water bottles were filled with candy that is gluten free and the lunch time  gable boxes were filled with glow bracelets, mini playing cards, (like old maid, go fish etc.) blow up punch balloons, coloring sheets, their crayon boxes and these "Ender is the man" pins I made.

Ender Love Birthday Party by

This party was really fun and Aly LOVED it!!

Ender Love Birthday Party by

On Friday we will share more from this party in our Friday Flick, so be sure to stop by and check it out.

Happy Celebrating!

Pamela Smerker of

*All of the craft supplies were found at Michaels Craft Store unless otherwise noted


Maria Healey said...

You are the queen of making a "boy's" theme girly! It makes me adore Aly even more! The cake pops were brilliant! Great idea! I stalked that dessert tray at Target for the longest time! So bummed I didn't pick it up too! Miss you gals! xoxo

Party Box Design said...

oh my gosh, those pillows are so so crazy fun!!! what a great idea!

Renee said...

Way to go! This is the most original Minecraft inspired party I've seen EVER! I love that Aly doesn't always stick with typical girl themes.

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