Friday, July 12, 2013

Adventure Time {Friday Flick}

For my son's birthday last year he wanted an Adventure Time themed party. Since there weren't any party decorations in this theme sold by Cartoon Network we had to make our own! I found some great images from Krysten over at clickableparty and used those to make our own cupcake toppers and banner. The rest of the background decorations were created by the kids and myself to show our love of this fun cartoon.

Check out this week's Friday Flick "Adventure Time Birthday Party" to see how everything came together.

Click on the Friday Flick Image to watch the movie.

Adventure Time party by

If you have an Adventure Time fan then you will want to come back on Tuesday when I share how I made these "Finn Cakes".


Have a fantastic weekend!

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How to make Finn Cakes said...

[...] appear to be cupcakes that look like Finn’s head. What better treat to serve up for an Adventure Time party. Here is how we made our Finn [...]

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