Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Earth Day Party Decor and Video Tassel Tutorial

We are getting ready to celebrate Earth Day this weekend (a little early) and are in the midst of creating some whimsical party decorations for the event. What better way to celebrate the Earth then by creating up- cycled party decor from items found around the house. 

Tin cans are make great vessels for flowers, cake name it! Wash them out, create your own label and voila! We used pieces of an old map, bakers twine and a design square from D & P Celebrations' "Earth Day" printable collection to adorn this can.

Pinwheels are always a hit and so easy to make using scraps of wrapping paper, old maps and a cute brad. Add these to party favor packages or glue them onto a bamboo skewer for decoration.  There are a ton of you tube videos that will show you step by step directions on how you too can make these fun wind catchers!

Speaking of You Tube.... we have our very own channel!! Our first video is up and we are sharing how to make tassels out of plastic shopping bags. Use plain bags, colored bags or patterned bags as seen above from Target. A perfect up-cycled decoration for any occasion! 

Check out our video tutorial and leave us a comment. ( I am a bit please forgive me) Be sure to click through to our You Tube channel and subscribe so you don't miss out on any future videos. 

Check back tomorrow for more Earth Day ideas!! 

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melismama said...

Pamela - GENIUS with the target bag! We love Earth Day and upcycling in our home. I used maps to make our earth day banner! 8) ROck On!

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