Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Sweet Friends" Centerpiece & Favor {Design Team}

Two no-fuss ideas today for using D&P's "Sweet Friends" printable collection.

I think this collection, with it's gender neutral color palette,
is a great choice for a Baby Shower or 1st Birthday.

Here are just a few SWEET details you could add to your celebration!

Using D&P's Kraft Popcorn Box, I created a petite-sized Centerpiece filled with candy-coated
chocolates and topped with a "Sweet Friends" printable flag that I sealed around a Wilson's lollipop stick.
I wedged a 3-4" Styrofoam ball in the bottom of the box, and pushed the stick down in the middle.
Just pour candies on top! The same patterned strips I used for the flag, I also cut to
adorn the box on all 4 sides and circle-punched the coordinating buttons and stuck in each center.
The collection offers 6 different phrases to choose from that can be used to personalize any way you'd like. 

There are endless ways to decorate these boxes!

 Because these are on the small side, placing several down a long table would look adorable, as well as grouping 3 together at varying heights, and with varying filler, in the center of round tables.

Other filler ideas might be...
Dried Beans
Bouncy Balls
Hershey Kisses
Malt Balls

These could also be sent home with the guests as a Party Favor!

And as long as you're making the Flag's another quick idea for a take-home!

Fill a Wilson's pretzel bag with the same candies or items from the centerpieces,
place flag stick down inside, and tie off with twine or ribbon!
Choose a phrase that suits your needs to stick to the Flag.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! :)

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1 comment:

Melissa Newell said...

That is sooo darn cute! I can think of a ton of parties to use this with!

Great job!

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