Friday, March 8, 2013

Rocket Fizz {Fun Party Finds}

I hinted yesterday that today's post was going to be "sweet", and I meant it! ;)

We have a shop called Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop near us and they carry all sorts of candy and DIFFERENT sodas there!  Just this week they added a Ranch Dressing Soda to their shop...not sure I could manage to try that one.

Below is just a sampling of all they have to offer as far as drinks are concerned!

While I was in the shop this week, I took some photos of all they have to offer there, and there is a lot!  They have a section of taffy pieces and other hard candies by the piece or bag.

Oh, I just realized they have safety pops....there was so much to look at it does not really surprise me that I missed it while in the store!  Guess I need to go back and get some of those suckers!!!

I also found some Jordan Almonds in a light blue and a light pink, super cute for baby showers or any parties with those lighter colors.

Here are some candy tins I really loved, if you were having a themed party with any of these characters, they would be a perfect fit!

Not only do they have candy tins, they also have soda cans (energy drinks) that would be a great decor addition as well.

 I happen to have neighbors who are close friends that come from England, and they adore this section of the store!  Lots of items there from different parts of the world, if I am adventurous, I might have to try something different one of these days!

What kind of fun candies did you see in these photos?  Anything from your childhood that you would love to have again???  

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1 comment:

Renee said...

Yum, yum! Looking at these sweet pics make me want to run over there myself! Lots of possibilites for party supplies :)

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