Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cupcake Swap Party Voting Station

Now that you have seen the Cupcake Swap Party invitation collection and the details on how to prepare for your party, its time to talk about voting. While you don't have to incorporate the voting activity into your Cupcake Swap Party, this element makes for great party conversation and a little friendly competition. 

Grab a couple of fun vessels to hold voting slips, a couple of 4" x 6" frames and a few pens, now you are ready to go! After everyone has sampled the cupcakes send your guests over to the voting station. A small card table or counter top would work perfectly (not much space is needed). Make sure each guest writes in the number from their favorite tasting cupcake as well as the cupcake they thought was most beautiful. Place slips in the appropriate vessels. When everyone is finished, count up who has the most votes for each category and announce your winners by handing out the provided printable awards. 

  •  The voting collection includes 2 qty  4" x 6" prints perfect for framing and displaying next to your voting jars. 

  • 1 sheet with 8 qty voting slips (can be printed as many times as you need)

  • 2 qty Award sheets

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we are hosting a Cupcake Swap Party in April and will share all of the details, from the decor to the winning cupcakes! PLUS the entire Cupcake Swap Party printable collection will be available in our shop April 1, 2013 NO fooling! 


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