Monday, March 11, 2013

A Cupcake Swap Party Invitation Set

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the idea I had of hosting a cupcake swap party. Today I want to share with you my guest list and what goes along with the invite. 

The Guest List

In order to get a good idea of how many of my friends would even entertain coming to a cupcake swap party I put a message on my facebook page and simply asked. From the answers I received I was better able to put my guest list together.
The challenge is to figure out how many cupcakes each guest needs to bring so that everyone can not only taste cupcakes at the party, but also take one of each home. Since my guest list has 16 guests on it, plus myself (which makes 17) I decided to ask everyone to bring 24 cupcakes.  IF everyone attends then and they receive a cupcake from each guest, that leaves 8 cupcakes for tasting. ONLY 8 cucpakes for 17 people you say! No worries, I have thought this through as well. I certainly can't eat 17 cupcakes in one night, however I can sample an 1/8 or 1/4 of each cupcake. So all we need to do is take the extra 8 cupcakes from each person and cut them into 4 pieces. That will actually make way more then enough samples for everyone (32 sample pieces).

The Detail Sheet 

In this printable collection you actually have two detail sheets to choose from. 
The first is simple (as shown in the photo above) just write in the amount of cupcakes you want each guest to bring. 
The second version is a little more detailed and gives guests an option. I found that some of my friends wanted to attend the party, but don't feel comfortable baking or just don't have time. Therefore this detail page not only has a spot for you to write in the amount of cupcakes guests should bring, but also a place for guests who choose not to bring cupcakes to donate money towards a cash prize. WAIT WHAT...a cash prize!!! YES, I asked these guests to donate $5. Since everyone is tasting each cupcake why not have them vote on what they think is the best tasting and the most beautiful cupcake of the night. Then the cash prize is divided up between the two winners AND the friends who don't bring cupcakes will still get to take cupcakes home and feel that they have contributed. 
*Note, if more then 3 guests decide to go for the cash donation and not bring cupcakes then that just means everyone will go home with less cupcakes. However only those who brought cupcakes have a chance at winning the prize. (Yes, I realize the prize may only be a few dollars, but in the end it's all about having fun, eating goodies and being with friends)

The Place Card

When I mail out the invitations and detail sheet I will also include one place card.  Each guest is asked to fill out the place card with the flavors of their frosting and cupcake and bring it to the party along with their cupcakes. This way when we display all of the samples, everyone will know what they are eating. 

Now it's time to get these into the mail. 
On Monday, March 25, 2013 I will share how I plan to decorate the "voting table", whether you have a cash prize to offer up or not.

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