Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Wand Favors

My preschool daughter and I will be attending a "Girls Only" Valentine party in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring something fun to give to each of the little ladies.


I found some REALLY inexpensive foam heart picks at a local retailer that I bought with absolutely NO use for...when I purchased. Just had to have them. You understand :) I stared at them and daydreamed about them for a day or two, and then realized they would make a fantastic WAND FAVOR for the princesses at the party! They just needed some dressing up.

If you have a pretty decent supply of ribbon around, and a hot glue gun, these are super simple to make.


I simply wound 1.75" ribbon all the way down the pick part, overlapping as I went, cut it, and then kind of twisted the end and hot glued it in place. Wire ribbon works really well. Then I tied a bow with more 1.75" ribbon at the very top, right underneath the foam heart. Next, I took smaller width, (and color), ribbons and cut them into varying lengths and tied them below the bow, one after the other.
Finally I attached the D&P Celebrations "L for Love" Pink and Red DIY Printable Design Squares, which I made into tags to finish them off.

These really are a nice non-sweet treat for any girly girl.
You could also bunch several together to make a centerpiece.

Enjoy! :)

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