Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to School Goodies

Back to school gifts are important no matter what the age- whether you're going in to Junior High, just out of HS and ready to start college, or you're a 5-year who is excited to start your very first day of Kindergarten. When I searched the internet, it seemed most gift ideas were geared more towards the latter group. So the challenge of what to get my 28-year old boyfriend, who is diving back in to school after being a full-time Marine for the past 7-years, was a big one. 

While I could use some of the ideas I found online and just modify them a bit, I also knew I wanted to give him something more personalized and meaningful. So- what to do? Turn to D & P Celebrations, of course! They have these great new DIY Printable "mini favor boxes"that you can choose what color, pattern you want. What is really exciting is these little boxes can be customized with a label and sentiment of your choice (this custom option will be added to the shop soon). I decided that, instead of simply writing "Good Luck" on the boxes, I'd like them to be a little more interesting. I sent the girls at D &P a couple of different learning/education quotes and let them go to town with figuring out how they would look best. I was thrilled with how they came out. 

I went out and bought all the usual back-to-school supplies like notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters, and of course some snacks! Chocolate Kisses fit perfect inside the mini favor boxes and were a nice little surprise for Brian to open up.  I also found a striped cloth basket that I thought would look good with the favor boxes. In the end, I feel like it came together really well. And, with the look of excitement on Brian's face when I handed him the basket, he seemed as excited as that 5-year old starting Kindergarten.

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